About Proto Partners Service Design

Proto Partners Service Design is based in Sydney Australia. We believe brand is the promise you make; Customer experience is the promise you keep.

Our Purpose is to help organisations enrich the lives of their customers, one service experience at a time.

We believe that by spending more time with your customers and understanding with total clarity what they want, you are in a stronger position to create a service that your customers not only want and continue to use, but will also tell others about. We believe that by thinking differently about how you serve your customers, companies can be more innovative, responsive and commercially successful.

Even though organisation’s introduce more and more channels for their customers to interact with them, very few have thought about the level of complexity created in delivering this consistently and seamlessly. More channels can ironically make a customer’s experience worse not better if not done well.

If you run a Service Business your customers will have an experience with you whether you like it or not, so why not actively choose to make it an outstanding one.

We believe all Service Businesses have the power to make sure that customers have a great experience, whether they interact via web, by phone or in person. So why not work with us to positively transform your customer’s experience one customer touch-point at a time and increase your revenue and profitability.

Proto Partners work and approach can be found here

One thought on “About Proto Partners Service Design

  1. Hi Damian,
    I’ve only recently discovered the term “service design” and have been trying to read up on it and stumbled across this blog. I’m a landscape architect and considering a possible work/career shift and have noticed that most people have a background in design, marketing, customer relations etc. Would you have tips on how someone would move into the field (other than going to study SD at a uni in Scandinavia)?

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