What does Service Design do for companies that no one else can?

I realised today that for Service Design to be successful, Service Design firms need to convince potential clients that they can change something or solve something that up until now hasn’t been able to be resolved.

That is, companies have been using product development and design tool-kits to solve service problems issues/opportunities. Only the Service Design methodology offers a tool-set and skill-set that is specifically designed and developed to solve and improve service based issues.

At the same time, it allows companies and customers to mutually benefit, to mutually access value without the exclusion of the other.

Maybe it is time to become more overt in communicating what has been lacking up until now, in order to clearly and confidently communicate to organisations, the significant benefits from using Service Design to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

I am working on a Pyramid Principle(Barbara Minto) approach to trying to explain in 4 slides why Service Design solves Service based organisations problems unlike any company before them. And given this is the most expensive book i have ever bought,( USD$75 ten years ago) hopefully it will be convincing!!

More later


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