A Service Design manifesto for Transformation

I have decided after listening to Seth Godin that Service Design needs a movement. It’s not enough to think that what you sell is so good that it is enough to convert your potential customers. Potential clients buy passion, energy and commitment as much as they buy what you are selling.

To that end I have designed my own corporate manifesto. I believe in what I am doing and as i read and believed a long time ago, communication is not just saying something, it is the recipient successfully comprehending your intended message.

So here is my manifesto, the reason that I believe Service Design has the power to help companies transform their service experience for companies and their bottom line through increased customer loyalty and increased revenues.

Proto Partners Manifesto
Working to dramatically transform the way service is delivered, the way corporations default to productivity without the balancing need for quality, and the ambivalence of great customer service expectations in our society.

Proto Partners Aim
Our aim is to overhaul the existing service experience and create a major shift in the way service is not only delivered but experienced in the new millennium.


2 thoughts on “A Service Design manifesto for Transformation

  1. Hi Damian,

    Great postings.

    To support what you are saying :
    The motto for the tool manufacturing company Hilti is to “passionately create enthusiastic customers” and the more you think about this the more it makes sense.
    – Even if you are good at delivering your service, are your customers satisfied or are they “enthusiastic” about being your customers? There is a big difference because enthusiastic customers will do and say a lot more to support you and are happy to see you succeed.
    – By “passionately” trying to create enthusiastic customers you are encouraging your employees to be enthusiastic themselves and this is an essential ingredient in creating the type of business environment that you want to be working in.

    Keep up the great work on the manifesto,


    • Hi Aidan, thank you so much for the feedback and the added ideas from Hilti. I am mindful that I didnt make our last phone appt. I apologise. I am going to Europe as it happens at the end of next week so will be away for a few weeks. I will call you upon my return.

      I had a AHA moment today. I realised that for SD to be successful, we need to change something or solve something that up until now hasnt been able to be resolved. That is, we have been using product development and design toolkits to solve service problems or issues. Only(maybe stretching it, but stay with me) Service Design offers a toolset and skillset that is specifically design and developed to solve and improve service based issues. What do you think?

      Love your blog and look forward to staying in touch.


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